The Foundation was founded in 1993 in celebration of Swarthmore’s first 100 years.

Our mission is to provide for the betterment of Swarthmore, the improvement of the community, its children, and its citizens now and in the future.

We accomplish this by initiating, executing and supporting projects that improve our beautiful community.

As a 501(c) 3 non-profit, we are able to receive tax deductible donations and bequests.

Please join us in our efforts today!

Centennial Foundation Trustees:

Beth Murray

Bill Cumby, Jr

Bob Dawes

Bob Dawes, Jr (Chair)

Bob Steinke

Dave Haase

Greg Brown

Greg Hoy

Katie McKinstry

Margie Baker (Emerita)

Maurice Eldridge

Molly Scott

Monica Kruse

Rich Cresson

Sharon Mester

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